SFX credits

We used a lot of sound effects from Freesound, both public domain and ones licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY) licence. The authors of SFX under the latter category are included in the in-game credits, but here we list the full attribution to be compliant with the terms of the licence.

Many SFX we used may have been altered or reincorporated into new SFX of our own making. Here, we link only to the original sound file that we used – in some cases, it may be difficult to identify in-game. Where possible, we’ve noted instances of us altering the original sound in some way.

We have also included a list of all public domain SFX authors whose worked we used, but haven’t linked to their specific files. Some of the authors listed under this section may not actually have been used in-game, but were at some point a candidate for certain SFX.

Again, big thanks to everyone on both of these lists, and Freesound itself for hosting them. They’ve provided an invaluable service to everyone on the internet, especially for us indie game developers.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 #

Public domain authors #