Glacistov is the guilt-ridden arctic explorer. Years ago, when the gateway to the Quantum Realm first appeared, Glacistov was part of the initial expedition exploring its cave network. Before delving too deep, he was overwhelmed with fear and fled to the surface, leaving one of his closest friends behind in the process, never to see them again. Now the gateway has reappeared, he seeks to redeem himself of his past failure.

With his frost dice and unique tricks, Glacistov can take the immobilising qualities of freeze and turn them into explosive offence, while also having the potential to freeze his own dice in order to heal.

Stats #

Health: 16




  • 1x Frost D4
  • 1x Normal D6
  • 1x Normal D4

Starting tricks #

Memento Timorem

Memento Timorem

Cold Feet

Cold Feet

Memento Timorem #

Freeze is primarily a defensive debuff, but Memento Timorem can turn this defence into offence. It’s a charge trick that shatters an enemy’s frozen die, unfreezing it and dealing its value as damage that bypasses block. Its overcharge effect is even stronger, as you gain the option to shatter every frozen die an enemy has, massively increasing its damage potential under the right circumstances.

Cold Feet #

Cold Feet is a charge trick that will freeze one of your unallocated dice, and then recover 1 health for each frozen die in your possession. That means if a die was already frozen before activating the trick, you’ll still get healed by it. The overcharge freezes all your unallocated dice, increasing the amount of healing you’ll receive. If you use the overcharge with just one freezable die, it will only consume one use, meaning you can exploit enemies that deal a lot of frost damage to siphon some easy healing.

Strategy #

Glacistov has the second-lowest health in the game, and low resistance to both burn and poison. Luckily, his frost die means he can bring an enemy’s offence to a standstill. With a good roll, Glacistov can often freeze multiple dice at once, allowing him to utterly decimate an enemy with Memento Timorem. Due to Memento’s low charge and ability to bypass the block that frozen enemies gain, using it wherever possible can really help speed up his battles. That said, you won’t be able to rely on freeze with just one frost D4, so upgrading it should be your first priority.

Cold Feet will allow you to recover a bit of health from time to time, which can help offset the damage you’re bound to receive from burn and poison. While freezing your own dice seems quite drastic, remember that raising your freeze resistance via blocking can actively unfreeze your dice, and that frost dice themselves cannot be frozen. This means you can activate Cold Feet, get healed, and then block with a frost die, thereby unfreezing one of your dice and letting it be used again.

Zero-Point Energy Field #

Glacistov’s expert trick can be used once per battle, and allows you to instantly freeze an enemy’s die while also setting its result to 0. If the die was a D8 or stronger, you’ll also generate a quantum duplicate of it of half the quality.

While the immediate benefits of this should be very apparent, there’s also some more advanced techniques you can employ, particularly if you’ve mastered the mechanics of freeze. As dice get frozen in a specific order, you’re able to push the queue ahead by targeting lower-value dice with this trick, meaning you can freeze an enemy’s larger die through normal means much more easily, netting you massive damage from Memento Timorem.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind with this trick. Firstly, as it freezes the target die, you can only use it on non-frost dice, which can occasionally be a pain. Additionally, as the result of the die gets set to 0, you’ll gain no benefit from using Memento Timorem on it (at least, not directly). All that said, it’s an excellent tool to augment Glacistov’s already powerful defensive gameplay.

Upgrades #

  • Health +2: Reach the Zero-Sum Singularity
  • Health +2: Recover 5 health from one use of Cold Feet
  • Gems +100: Spend 5,000 gems at the shop
  • Gems +100: Spend 20,000 gems at the shop
  • Trick (Zero-Point Energy Field): Use Memento Timorem to deal at least 15 damage in one go
  • Gambit (Blizzard I): Upgrade 25 gambits at the laboratory
  • Gambit (Glaciate I): Activate 100 gambits
  • Poison Resistance +1: Freeze B O R E A S
  • Burn Resistance +1: Have at least 10 frost dice in your tray
  • 1x Frost D4 → 1x Frost D6: Upgrade 50 dice at the forge