Mixigilly is the enigmatic homunculus. Their origins and motives shrouded in mystery, this being formed of pure randinium embodies chaos while striving towards balance, and has been spotted drifting through universes. Theories are divided over whether they were created by Deisshardt to aid in his grand designs, or that they were generated by the multiverse itself as a self-righting mechanism.

Mixigilly is the wildcard character. They start with no stable dice, and cannot gain any; instead, they rely on generating quantum ones, which they’re exceptionally good at. Succeeding with them requires a thorough understanding of ways to manipulate your quantum dice without relying on forges like other characters, and more than a little luck – but fortunately, they have the means of manipulating trick offers in their favour.

Stats #

Health: 15




  • 2x random quantum D8

Starting tricks #

Multiverse Entanglement

Multiverse Entanglement

Interdimensional Daydream

Quantum Reroller

Multiverse Entanglement #

This starts Mixigilly off with two random quantum D8s which generate in every battle, and, uniquely, can be upgraded at the forge. These two dice will make or break your run, so treat them well!

Interdimensional Daydream #

The other half to Mixigilly’s idiosyncratic playstyle, this trick converts any stable dice you acquire into quantum ones that generate at the start of battles. Unlike the two you get from Multiverse Entanglement, these ones cannot be upgraded.

Quantum Reroller #

Due to their restrictive dice, Mixigilly needs something to even the odds, and that’s where the Quantum Reroller comes in. It allows you to reroll trick rewards from chests and battles, meaning you’ll get plenty of second chances to hunt for the specific tricks you need to bolster your quantum dice. Note that each boss’s unique trick won’t get rerolled, so you may want to save this trick’s charge for regular rewards unless you’re hunting for something specific in the boss pool.

Strategy #

Mixigilly is a character of extremes. Starting with only two dice and being dramatically limited with any other dice they acquire makes them very tough to master, so searching for rewarding tricks is of paramount importance.

There are many, many tricks out there that strengthen your quantum dice, most of which were crafted for the quantum dice that regular dicehearts only occasionally generate. Mixigilly’s access to permanent quantum dice means these powerful tricks are accessible to you at all times, which can drastically swing the tides of battle in your favour, particularly if you have tricks that grant quantum dice positive modifiers. Making liberal use of Quantum Reroller to get what you want is highly recommended.

One thing to bear in mind is that tricks that destroy quantum dice will behave a little differently thanks to Interdimensional Daydream. Using these kinds of tricks on your permanent quantum dice will indeed remove them from your tray, but they’ll always return in the next battle, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Harmonic Chaos Generator #

Mixi’s expert trick continues the trend of being an absolute mouthful and completely and utterly unique. It makes them start with their own special power bar, capable of being charged by both holy and necro dice. Once it’s full, you can choose which of the two power ups you want to use. In addition, you also start with a permanent quantum D4 that switches alignment at the start of each turn.

This trick does a lot. Power gauge shenanigans aside, having an extra die goes extremely far in offsetting their difficult start – suddenly, they have the highest quality sum of any character, upgraded or not.

Note that you cannot upgrade this extra die at altars, similar to how dice you get from Interdimensional Daydream can’t be upgraded at the forge. This does not, however, prevent you from aligning other dice at the altar, and doing so for the first time won’t convert your unique gauge into one of the regular ones. This allows you to reap the benefits of your power gauge to a degree no other character can come close to matching.

Having access to both power ups opens up countless possibilities for varied builds, especially when you consider that tricks that interact with holy and necro will generally apply to both alignments – and Quantum Reroller should let you hunt for these tricks with greater ease. This allows you incredible versatility in both offence and defence as the situation demands.

Upgrades #

  • Health +2: Reach the Zero-Sum Singularity
  • Health +2: Clear out a shop of its stock
  • Gems +100: Spend 5,000 gems at the shop
  • Gems +100: Spend 20,000 gems at the shop
  • Trick (Predictive Algorithm): Use Quantum Reroller to reroll a trick into a legendary
  • Trick (Harmonic Chaos Generator): Defeat all 4 sentinels and win the run in under 2 hours
  • Gambit (Gamble I): Upgrade 25 gambits at the laboratory
  • Gambit (Enrage I): Activate 100 gambits
  • Burn Resistance +1: Inflict all 4 elemental debuffs on a single enemy or boss
  • Wither Resistance +1: Have 15 quantum dice in your tray