When you succeed or fail a run, you’ll get a score based on numerous feats you accomplished. More importantly, you can compare your score to your friends on the leaderboard and mock them for getting less points than you (yes, this is literally why we added this feature).

Your score also reflects the amount of XP you earn towards your metaprogression level. This means you can level up and unlock new items faster by incorporating a few of these feats into your runs.

Here’s a rundown of all the score-awarding accomplishments you can accrue:

Floors EnteredNumber of levels you entered (except Cave of the Dicehearts)5 per level
Enemy EncountersNumber of battles you won2 per battle
Blood Enemy EncountersNumber of blood enemy battles you won4 per battle
Elite Encounters x1-4Number of elite battles you won10 / 30 / 60 / 100
Bounty Encounters x1-3Number of bounty battles you won10 / 30 / 60
Bosses Slain x1-5Number of boss battles you won50 / 150 / 300 / 500 / 750
Zero-Sum SentinelsNumber of sentinels you defeated25 per sentinel
TacticalWin a battle without taking damage1 per battle
StrategistWin a boss battle without taking damage20 per boss
GeniusExit a level without taking damage30 per level
OmniscientWin a run without taking damage100
ScientistCraft a perfected-quality gambit2 per gambit
Dice CollectorHave 6 or more dice in your inventory5
Dice EnthusiastHave 10 or more dice in your inventory (overrides Dice Collector)10
UnstoppableDeal over 100 damage in 1 round25
GlobetrotterVisit every room5
CollectorHave 25 or more tricks25
GluttonIncrease your maximum health by 20 or more25
RichHave 1,000 or more gems at any point10
Filthy RichHave 2,000 or more gems at any point (overrides Rich)20
Filthy Stinkin’ RichHave 3,000 or more gems at any point (overrides Filthy Rich)30
OraQueue up 15 or more dice onto 1 enemy for an attack50
PuristRefuse 5 or more trick rewards25
JogWin a run in under 120 minutes50
SprintWin a run in under 90 minutes (overrides Jog)100
Speed DemonWin a run in under 60 minutes (overrides Sprint)200
RIP BozoDeal lethal damage to yourself50
HonedUpgrade a die to a D2015
ThirstyFinish a run without using a fountain (must have beaten at least 2 levels)25
DivineUpgrade a holy die 5 times15
DisgracedUpgrade a necro die 5 times15
Fire FiendBurn 30 enemies5
Tree HuggerWither 30 enemies5
Cold HeartedFreeze 30 enemies5
Stay ToxicPoison 30 enemies5
EfficiencyWin a battle with 3 speed stars1 per battle