Himitsu is the patient assassin. She lives only to fulfill her contracts, and this latest one is rather curious: eliminate a man long-thought lost or dead in the Quantum Realm. Already familiar with poison randinium given the tools of her trade, she also hopes to gather some extra equipment to expand her assassination abilities.

Himitsu is not suited to all-out slugfests, with her low health and the slow damage output of the poison debuff. Die Slowly can help her decimate single targets with huge poison stacks, and Already Dead rewards her with healing for performing perfect assassinations.

Stats #

Health: 14




  • 1x Poison D6
  • 1x Poison D4
  • 1x Normal D4

Starting tricks #

Already Dead

Already Dead

Die Slowly

Die Slowly

Already Dead #

Already Dead is Himitsu’s defining ability. If she deals at least 2 poison debuff damage that’s exactly equal to an enemy’s remaining health, she will heal for half of that damage. Considering her low health, it’s going to be essential to use this trick at every opportunity.

Die Slowly #

Die Slowly is a charge trick that targets one of your poison dice. When using the affected die to attack, it will deal no direct damage – but inflict double poison stack damage. Knowing when to use it will prove critical in battles, especially when paired with Already Dead. Hope you’re good at mental arithmetic.

Strategy #

Starting with the lowest health of all characters, Himitsu’s number one priority is to minimise incoming damage at any cost. Doing this with blocking is more difficult than it seems, seeing as she’s heavily reliant on using both of her poison dice to dish out damage in the first place.

Planting a big poison stack should be your aim in any battle, and Die Slowly really helps you accomplish this – but you’ll have to determine whether losing out on the direct damage is worth it in the long run. Patience, in moderation, is a strong boon when playing Himitsu, because carefully doling out poison damage to get the most out of Already Dead’s healing abilities is a necessity. Just try to resist focusing too heavily on her tricks; it’s often better to end the battles quickly and messily, and look for healing in safer circumstances.

Toll the Dead #

Himitsu’s expert trick is a passive that works in tandem with Already Dead. Whenever Already Dead would trigger, but you don’t heal for its full amount, all of your poison dice are granted a single-use modifier equal to the healing wasted.

This trick can get very nutty, very fast, and can make Himitsu into the most explosive damage dealer in the game – so long as your maths skills are up to snuff.

As with Already Dead on its own, it’s very tempting to go for this as often as you can, but the same warning applies – sometimes it’s best to just get the kill and move on. Taking damage means Already Dead will heal you instead of triggering this trick – which should pain you to your very soul!

Toll the Dead has incredible synergy with necro, as you’ll very easily be able to reduce an enemy’s resistance to 1 with enough poison dice, potentially rewarding you with obscenely large modifiers if you manage to set it up correctly.

Additionally, if your dice receive a modifier from Toll the Dead and you finish the battle without using them, the mod will persist into the next battle, allowing you to steamroll tough battles if you prepare correctly.

Upgrades #

  • Health +2: Reach the Zero-Sum Singularity
  • Health +2: Deal 20 poison debuff damage to one enemy or boss in one go
  • Gems +100: Spend 5,000 gems at the shop
  • Gems +100: Spend 20,000 gems at the shop
  • Trick (Toll the Dead): Recover 20 health with Already Dead in one run
  • Gambit (Contagion I): Upgrade 25 gambits at the laboratory
  • Gambit (Fester I): Activate 100 gambits
  • Freeze Resistance +1: Poison I S H A R A
  • Wither Resistance +1: Have at least 10 poison dice in your tray
  • 1x Poison D4 → 1x Poison D6: Upgrade 50 dice at the forge