Devlog #004: We’re on a Roll

Welcome to another instalment of our highly anticipated devlogs. This time we discuss how we’ve taken some of your feedback and made the players experience feel better. Now all our planned content is complete we are shifting our focus onto balancing and optimising the game. Aside from that we’ve got some incredible exciting news coming soon so keep an eye out on all out social outlets.

Major Changes:

Implemented Steam Achievements:

A game wouldn’t be complete without achievements for all you hungry completionists out there. Now we’ve made a butt load ready for you to challenge yourselves and figure out new ways to play the game.

Improved new player experience:

Based on your feedback we’ve improved some of how the game relays information and teaches you. Instead of the dedicated tutorial we’ve created video tips and hints to give you information when you need it.

Don’t worry about forgetting any of the basics or little tricks you might have picked up in the tutorial, you can access any of the tips or hints at any point.

For you newbies we’ve included some scripted encounters to teach you the basics of how to wield dice magic and conquer your foes.

Minor Changes:

  • Added more advanced tooltips
  • Gambits spawn groups (ensure good variety)
  • Added map legend
  • Updated many enemy visuals
  • Improved map visuals
  • Updated BOREAS, AGGAYU, ISHARA and ACACIA visuals
  • Updated the Singularity visuals
  • Player will now automatically leave rooms that are single use
  • Optimised void shaders
  • Added Effevert music
  • Added follow player toggle to the map
  • Manual trick case is now hidden when the player has no tricks
  • Added debuff effects for enemies
  • Added confetti effect and sound to reward screen
  • Added a queueing system for damage indicators (they still overlap sometime)
  • Add expandable passive tricks bar (for the hoarders out there)
  • Updated graphics setting to alleviate high GPU usage with shaders
  • Updated many spelling errors
  • Updated many trick icons
  • Updated fountain visuals
  • Updated Dicecade starting dice (no longer starts with quantum dice because that doesn’t make much sense)
  • Add most of the Boss death SFX
  • Added Level titles when you enter a new level
  • Dimmed down the heal intent lines as they were quite intrusive


  • Fixed not rewarding gambits
  • Fixed chests not playing locked chest animations
  • Fixed leader board avatars preventing interaction if they fail to retrieve them
  • Fixed run summary not showing scores on successful run
  • Fixed Trick “Balanced Budget”
  • Fixed heal intent not retargeting once target dies
  • Fixed trick usability not updating on stack change
  • Fixed Turtlekin idle animation loop
  • Fixed XP bar effect layering
  • Fixed leader board not loading on global when switching characters
  • Fixed bestiary not handling only discovering BF enemies
  • Fixed many enemy position and scaling issues
Cameron Hodge
Cameron Hodge
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