Devlog #003: Getting Beta and Beta

Welcome back to another devlog

This marks the release of the Alpha 2.3. It’s been a little while but the fun don’t stop. We have been hard at work getting the game ready for beta and this patch (Alpha 2.3) brings us ever so close to that goal. All planned content for the beta has now been implemented and so we are now shifting focus to getting the game feel right. We will be iterating on these aspects over the next couple months.

N.B. this is still a closed alpha, but if you wish to get involved please email us.

Major Changes:

Added Holy Sea and Nuclear Nile Nation Levels

The sacred beach and the irradiated desert levels appear before you brave explorer, which do you choose?

Along with their respective enemies and Unique Bosses!

A Zealous Despot and a Necromancer Pharaoh stand in your way of the Singularity, the power they command is not to be sniffed at with their mastery of the Holy and Necro dice abilities!

The Final Level Zero Sum Singularity is added!

The Singularity is contained within this collapsing vortex of all realities! Proceed with caution brave explorer!

The Elemental Guardians and the Final Boss “THE SINGULARITY”

Tough embodiments of the elements stand in the way of you and incredible treasure before your final encounter… Is it a risk worth taking? You may need all the help you can before facing the point of all possibility… THE SINGULARITY.

Character Upgrades

Completing different tasks with each character unlocks their quantum potential for a permanent upgrade on your runs! Toggle-able of course for you purist nutters out there!

Level system implemented

METAPROGRESSION! Being rewarded even when you don’t win? That’s the bread and butter of a rouge-lite right? Well it’s in and you can unlock plenty of cool bits and bobs for playing the game! Tying into the level up, you will see your run summary, showing all the cool things you accomplished to give you XP!

Enemy Abilities

Enemies now sometimes have special abilities to deal with along with their dice! More than 10 are added to mix up the gameplay! Healing is also added which can cause some headaches in the Holy Sea!

New Item Notifications in the Encyclopaedia

To see the new tricks, enemies and gambits you have collected, it is nice to see what is new! This makes it easy to absorb all that delicious lore.

Players incoming damage prediction

Due to popular demand, an indicator for all incoming damage to make those mental mathematics far, far easier!

Balance Changes

Taking in feedback and some mathematics on our end! There is now a third fountain in the first level! The enemies have all been balanced for the money they drop along with the dice they have in all levels, including buffs and debuffs to certain bosses so the difficulty curve feels more stable. Elite and Bounty enemies are made much much tougher and different from the usual hard pools of enemies as well!


Look mum! I did it, I knew I wasn’t a failure! Well… not that much of a failure!

Minor Changes:

  • 30+ New tricks and some trick Tweaks
  • Changed up trick pools to improve variaty in rare drops
  • Auto-attack now deprioritises enemies about to be defeated by poison
  • Hotkeys (“Esc” for settings, “I” for inventory, more to come)
  • Added round counter display
  • Animation tweaks


  • Fixed gambits not being castable sometimes
  • Fixed incorrect damage prediction when an enemy would be frozen
  • Fixed wrong character upgrade text
  • Fixed XP bar min fill speed (prevents taking ages if you have like 10 xp)
  • Fixed sometimes cant hover over boss tricks.
  • Fixed enemy health bars turning green at incorrect times
  • Fixed tutorial text clipping
  • Fixed peirce allowed for selecting targets when its supposed to be random
  • Fixed freezing multiple dice was causing strange behaviour
  • Fixed Quantum Reroller sometime rerolling to the wrong pool
  • Fixed generating dice once all dice are used didn’t reenable the auto attack button
  • Fixed Rotten gambit showing freeze VFX instead of wither
  • Fixed being able to unlock multiple characters in a run
  • Fixed broken Ghost Pepper, causing soft crash
  • Fixed 1pR/1pB tricks will say 0x in inventory if they’re used when ending battle
  • Fixed not calculating dead by poison correctly (would miss exact deaths)
  • Fixed battle after a boss fight was unfleeable
  • Fixed enemy wither stack reducing when player blocks
  • Fixed gambit emblem hitbox being partially blocked
  • Fixed boss trick tooltips being layered underneath gambits
  • Fixed using gambits not updating selected/remaining display
  • Fixed some enemies layered over tooltip elemental icons
  • Fixed encyclopaedia Tricks and Gambits resetting when continuing or starting a new run.
  • Fixed not being able to use multiple dice on holy/necro bars
  • Fixed incoming damage prediction not accounting for dead by poison
  • Fixed Bernando final death animation
  • Fixed show purchase buttons sometimes causing an error
  • Fixed Flying Agaric mine
  • Fixed blood fountain heal value not calculating correctly
  • Fixed blood fountain being disabled before last enemy was defeated
  • Fixed Isvindar gambit causing wrong elemental damage
  • Fixed Effervert enemy group giving way to many gems
  • Fixed starting new run in the wrong level in certain scenarios
  • Fixed tutorial error when using one of the transient dice
  • Fixed altar tooltips sticking around to long
  • Fixed run summary unlocks no saving
  • Fixed activating holy not updating frozen block prediction
  • Fixed buzz knob not having an outline
  • Fixed subscription service not usable
  • Fixed keys count display tooltip on the wrong layer
  • Fixed holy altar playing the incorrect music when used
  • Fixed Chilled to Perfection printing error instead of regular log.
  • Fixed The Nth Flame burn stack infliction.
  • Fixed Focus Fire-Igneous Armour interaction.
  • Fixed Kuraokami’s incorrect 2nd phase boss description
  • Fixed Pristine Dicewarp being able to target unusable frozen dice.
  • Fixed Russell’s Teapot not triggering from withered dice damage.
  • Fixed Cold Feet’s usability conditions.
  • Fixed Sneak Attack’s VFX/SFX playing on subsequent rounds after it triggers.
  • Fixed numerous instances of stackable modifiers not applying the new modifier value.
  • Fixed instances of Faultless Defence preventing subsequent hits after it triggers.
  • Fixed level based chests breaking
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