Devlog #002: Electric Boogaloo

A new update hot off the press

Major Changes

Added Refrigerated Frontier and Effervert Forest Levels

More regions have been opened up for you to explore, do you brave the risks of brain freeze in the Refrigerated Frontier or perhaps get squeaky clean in the Effervert Forrest. 

With their respective new enemies and unique bosses

New levels means new bosses, I daren’t look at them directly lest I be frozen where I stand. Instead here’s what remains of a damaged photo a brave (some might call stupid) adventure took just before being eviscerated. 


Holy & Necro

Take on the rogue inhabitants with the power of the celestials. Will you follow the righteous path of holy, get corrupted by necro or will you stay true neutral. If you are tempted to diverge from neutrality fill up your newly acquired celestial gauges and unleash your powers on the foes unlucky enough to stand in your way. 

Either way you dedicate yourself you’ll be increasing your arsenal significantly

Character Unlock conditions

Unlock new characters as you explore the world and complete challenges. 

New Rooms:

More rooms have been added to each level to increase the variety and spice things up a bit. 

New Enemy Rooms

Find these powerful foes roaming the lands and beat them to get better loot, complete challenges and unlock new content

Tiered Chests

Locked chests can now be found in the wild, defeat their key bearers to break the chains and get the loot inside. I promise it’s not just the friends you find along the way. 

Gambit lab (WIP)

Come study in the Gambit Lab and learn how to combine your Gambits to create more powerful and exciting effects. Please note due to budget cuts and lack of school funding this lab is in dire need of refurbishment. Thankfully our wizard is working his magic and making this a better learning environment. 

Blood Fountains

This level not challenging enough for you? not quite sure you’re ready to take on the boss? Why not visit the blood fountain and rest a little while. Drinking this lovely Merlot may heal you some but will also empower all remaining enemies on the level so watch out.  

Meta Progression

We’ve implemented a encyclopaedia to help track your progress within the game. 

Added in Score system and in game timer

You might have seen it in the previous images but we’ve added a timer and score to measure how you’re doing on your run. 


By flicking through the pages you can track your in game progress, score and even compare it against your friends and the wider community on steam. 

Minor Changes:

  1. Added effects for dice actions to make them feel more connected to their actions
  2. Added Background effects to all levels
  3. Added particle effect quality handler (based on the overall quality setting, Low will disabled most particles entirely)
  4. Improved loading sequence under certain scenarios
  5. Improved damage prediction
  6. Added frozen dice, block amount hint
  7. Added block and resistance prediction when hovering dice over block
  8. Improved gambit contrasts
  9. Improved Dicecade visuals
  10. Added many visual effects
  11. Added WASD controls for map
  12. Added a deterministic random system required for the Effervert boss and predicting some tricks.
  13. General Balance, still a long way to go
  14. Added damage indicators to boss abilities that effect players elemental stacks
  15. Adjusted Freeze calculation to better handle buffed resistance
  16. Added prompt to the quit game button to prevent accidental quitting
  17. Added restart run button to setting screen
  18. Improved map generation to prevent extremely difficult routes to the bosses
  19. Added character fast travel, player will move faster over long distances and double clicking will instantly move you
  20. Added and improved a bunch of tooltips
  21. Increased gambit drop chance
  22. Added unique chests for each level


  1. Fixed derp on portal shader
  2. Fixed quantum rerolled being triggerable when tricks were not offered
  3. A few minor fixes with mob spawning, enemy editor, barrier phase calculation
  4. Fixed Dicecade layer issue
  5. Fixed a whole bunch of masking issues for enemies
  6. Fixed enemy outlines and added their orbit targets
  7. Fixed level transition indexing issue causing it to send yo to the wrong level
  8. Fixed error on loading a reward
  9. Fixed auto attack trying to use socketed dice
  10. Fixed non duo bosses being repositioned and title intro re showing
  11. Fixed shop dice incorrectly coloured red
  12. Fixed tutorial flag not resetting, causing new runs to generate the tutorial map after entering the tutorial
  13. Fixed Quantum Stabiliser not updating the inventory die
  14. Fixed “permanent” quantum dice not showing properly in the inventory UI
  15. Fixed Side hustle not triggering, and added delays for fast travel.
  16. Fixed Room Visibility glitch, causing some rooms to appear unvisited even though they were
  17. Fixed player icon sometime not reaching destination
  18. Fixed unstable atomiser not working when overcharged
  19. Fixed toxic relationship not bypassing block
  20. Fixed Soft lock when attacking enemies with something other than a die
  21. Fixed d12 not showing freeze state when enemies are frozen
  22. Fixed some trick sprites position and scales being way off
  23. Fixed remaining gems hint getting stuck and updated colors
  24. Fixed scaling on the enemy orbit targets as they were all different sizes
  25. Fixed gems display goes red when hovering over disabled purchase button

The Future

We are gearing up to send out a second alpha to a select few to play with your suggestions and test the new mechanics. 

Keep following along and you’ll see more sneak peaks of upcoming levels and content. 

As ever, thanks for your support. See you in the next one!

Cameron Hodge
Cameron Hodge
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