Pre-alpha is out!

It’s happening! The Diceheart pre-alpha is finally complete! If you have chosen (or been chosen) to take part, take a look for the email we sent out. It contains a download link and a few instructions to bear in mind before you start. You might want to check your spam folder if you don’t see it. If you straight up didn’t receive it, hit us up at, mention us on Twitter, or message one of us directly.

The goal of the pre-alpha is to receive feedback, find bugs, and gather run data. You’ll see links to the feedback page throughout the game: the main menu, the settings screen, and when you beat the boss. Of course, you can visit it directly in your browser.

Feedback, bugs, and run data

We ask that you attempt a few runs before filling out the survey. It is a roguelike after all, so it’s best to get a solid impression first. Additionally, check out the planned features page to get an idea of we have in store for the future.

For bugs, there are, of course, several we already know about, but please submit any you find ASAP. For game-breaking errors, giving us as in-depth instructions on how to reproduce them would be helpful.

We’re extremely interested in data collection. We’ve developed a system that keeps track of every action you take in a run, so we can see how you fare in battles and what upgrades and tricks you receive. This is an opt-in system, and we really hope you allow it. Needless to say, we don’t collect any personal data – it’s all totally anonymous.

Need help?

If you’re having trouble, be sure to check out the wiki for articles on multiple aspects of the gameplay. We also wrote a quick start guide designed specifically for people who haven’t played roguelikes before.

Thanks very much for helping us out, and good luck in your runs!


I do the game design, UI design, music, sound, tricks programming, and lore.

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